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In recent years, International Trade in Mexico has grown considerably thanks to the signing of various trade agreements with various countries around the world.
This has allowed many Mexican companies the ability to Import and Export products specific to their industry. However, this expansion in Mexico's Foreign Trade has forced the Customs Authorities to update the regulatory framework for the Import and Export of products.
These changes have caused customs procedures to become more complex and require greater resources of effort, time and money to comply with them.

Customs services

Our differentiators in service:

Personalized service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year   

Attention to legal and natural persons

En el laboratorio
Blood Bags

Banco De Sangre

Actualmente, los bancos de sangre que reciben los servicios integrales de falcón cuentan con avanzadas pruebas de Biología Molecular, que identifican los virus por su ADN.

International freight service:


a) Air 


b) Maritime


c) Terrestrial

Herramientas de cirugía

Specialists in operations and transactions in the five continents

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